New Space, New Story

i i n d a w o

Center for African Creative Excellence

Our Purpose:

iKhaya le Langa’s art, craft and retail space is named ‘iindawo’ which in isiXhosa means ‘spaces.’ It is a home to many black creatives that, until now, had to leave the townships in pursuit of ‘credible’ spaces to sell their higher quality design products. Our aim is for iindawo to become a center of African creative and design excellence. We have structure this curated retail space for contributors, chosen from across the fashion, arts and design disciplines, to display their work on a three-month basis. The ‘iindawo’ concept is flexible and will, at times, extend to our exhibition spaces, café walls, playground and courtyard areas.

Our Story:

i i n d a w o was founded on the premise of becoming Langa and Cape Town’s newest space for local artists. This craft shop has been transformed into a space for African artists to share their work while providing tourists an outlet to authentic, unique, African art.

Under the direction of Tony Elvin, a man who has invested significantly in the Langa Township through his non-profit, iKhaya le Langa, i i n d a w o was created. Tony’s mission is to empower locals through social entrepreneurship, a foundational aspect of iindawo that has shaped the creative qualities we seek to establish in the space.


iKhaya le Langa

Michael Jacobs found Tony through mutual connections and has seen i i n d a w o through from the beginning to what it is today. His creative talent and vision for design has morphed the space from an old classroom to a hip spot where local creatives and tourists coincide.





Our local Langa resident, Mesuli, has been instrumental in the physical construction of the space as well as the administrative aspect of the shop. His connections to local artists have allowed for diverse and beautiful art to surface in the shop while giving tourists insight into the local art scene.


Mesuli and Michael in Langa


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